Cannot launch or remove iTunes from Mac High Sierra


when launching iTunes, it closed immediately after clicking the icon and appeared in half a second, then error screen appeared to ask for “ignore”, “report”, etc.


  1. Finder -> Applications ->
  2. right click -> Get Info
  3. Expand “Sharing & Permissions”
  4. click bottom right lock icon and input admin password
  5. select system permissions
  6. click bottom wheel icon and select “Make system the owner”
  7. install the latest iTunes pkg


  • Without step 6 above, no matter how uninstall, remove and reinstall the latest version, it will fail to restore it properly.
  • System always complains when simply removing by stating that iTunes is required by MacOS.
  • Even login as root in Terminal command, the directory cannot be removed.
  • Asking Apple support through, people only suggest reinstall the latest version of iTunes but no one suggest checking wheel icon under Sharing & Permissions of Get Info window.


  • MacOS: High Sierra 10.13.2
  • iTunes:

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