Mail Server is Up

This is the 1st diary written out of home. i’m now in an Internet cafe. To celebrate my mail server is up in my CentOS server (actually it’s been up and running in my sony notebook before), i’d like to drop this note. Besides writing diary, i use this opportunity to see if i can login to my linux server out of my LAN.

For the mail server, i successfully configured sendmail, dovecot (an imap server and client program). One important thing i’ve to remind myself is that after successfully receiving email to my account, i don’t know why the had a time out when i directly send mail through the server. Thus, i tried to configured to use the smtp server – Another good pt. i think is that each mail i send out to the destination mail server will go through, i.e. the receipient server will be connecting directly only to

Next is to install webmail server probably squirrelmail since it’s more popular i think.