Remote X11 through ssh

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cannot open display on the X server! Even though enabled X11Forwording in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.
ssh from workstation to the server has succeed but no Xterm or Gnome application can be open.


when ssh to the server, use -X option, i.e. ssh -X [server hostname]
this is suggested by a guide published by Computional & Information Systems Lab. of UCAR


check with: #echo $DISPLAY to get the parameter, say :0.0 at the X server (workstation) is not enough,
and it’s quite misleading if going on to do: #export DISPLAY='[workstation hostname]:0.0′ at the X client!!
Actually it doesn’t work. interestingly after successfully forwording X11 by using -X opton during ssh,
the result of #echo $DISPLAY at the X client side is [X server hostname]:10:0.


  • Workstation is the X server running FC4, Gnome 2.12.1
  • Server is the X client running RHEL3.5, Gnome 2.2
  • ssh using publickey authentication