Piwigo Fotorama Plugin Bug!


The built-in slideshow feature of Piwigo has neither fading effect nor full-screen show. Though there is a CoolIris/PicLens plugin, it cannot work in iOS including iPhone and iPad as it requires Java. There is a new slideshow plugin for Piwigo called Fotorama that I have been waiting for a long time to empower the online albums.

However, it did not work in my Piwigo site. Just displaying all the thumbnails but no slideshow happened either under window or full-screen. No error message. Changing all combination of plugin configuration, nothing was changed.


  1. Check Administration -> Configuration -> Options -> Genereal -> Gallery title
  2. Remove all text including Apostrophe (‘).


  • Piwigo     2.6.2
  • Fotorama Plugin   2.6.h


  • At the beginning, I observed that a slave Piwigo site works but the host site did not work, and interestingly another separate Piwigo site works while the slave site did not work.
  • As there is no error message while executing slideshow, it is difficult to find out the bug mentioned in the Solution above.
  • Posted a question in Piwigo Forum related to Fotorama plugin, but no one responded after a day.
  • The flow to solve the issue was by adding new slave Piwigo site under the working host Piwigo and then adding only the Fotorama plugin but nothing else, it works and then gradually configuring other settings. After adding a Gallery title, it did not work. Bingo! Usually, we use “LarryLai’s Gallery” or “Mr. X’s Gallery”, then no luck, you are trapped by the bug.