Drupal Advanced Forum Remove Statistics Pane


It’s good to have various groups of users to access relevant forums only and cannot see or know what other forums are. But by default Advanced Forum module displays the statistics block showing view counts and all usernames at the bottom of the Forum’s top level page under the title “What’s Going On?” which is annoying to forum users who are supposed not to know the existence of other forum users.


Failed to remove the statistics block by configuring: People -> Permissions to disable “View Advanced Forum statistics”


  1. Go to Admin -> Structure -> Pages
  2. Click “Edit” under Operation for the Name “forum”
  3. Under Panel “Top Level Forum”, click “Edit content”
  4. At the bottom, click top-right-corner of the block “Forum” statistics and select “Disable this pane”
  5. Don’t forget to “Flush all caches” after saving the above update


  • Drupal 7.23
  • Adanced Forum module 7.x-2.3


After deactivating and even uninstalling the statistics module, surprisingly that annoying block of statistics still persisted.