WordPress/WooShop Bugs on Slider specifically for iOS


Suddenly the Slider show disappeared on iPad.

After restoring to previous versions of the page, it was figured out that some kind of video types, (in my case, it is .mp4) has conflict with the Slider show of the WooShop theme. This makes the Slider frame disappear silently on iOS devices.


So far I cannot find out a solution to this bug. Just to remind all those using WooShop theme to carefully include video in the front page with Slider activated.


  • Using restoring various previous revisions to find out the bug
  • Only iOS devices as client experiences this bug
  • webm video format does not experience this bug, but webm video so far cannot be shown properly in my iOS devices
  • Initially wasted time to check the cookie, browser, and reboot the iPad


  • WordPress:  3.6
  • WooShop Lite:  2.1.0
  • iPad:   iOS 6.1.3