Remote Access to Qnap NAS

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Using Skyjos’ File Explorer to access Qnap file through Windows Netwoking Service, it only works within the LAN as like most ISP’s policy, the default Samba port 445 is blocked.


i)  Re-configure Samba of the Qnap by adding a line in configuration file smb.conf.

Login to Qnap console as admin@[qnap IP] using any suitable terminal console. qnap’s web administration does not have feature to modify the Samba cinfiguration file.

ii) Add a line in /etc/smb.conf

smb ports = xxx

where “xxx” is port no. other than 445 and not being blocked by ISP.

iii) Then re-start Samba server by clicking “Apply” in

Administration -> Networking Services -> Windows Networking

to use the modified configuration file

iv) Don’t forget to change or add port forwarding in the router setting for the assgined port no. in ii) to Qnap NAS.


  • Qnap TS-210 firmware 3.8.1
  • Skyjos FileExplorer 2.2.1 on iOS 6.0.1


  • Thanks for the recent update of Skyjos FileExplorer for iPad that port no. can be customized, i.e. using ports other than 445. For old version of Skyjos, the Samba port is hard coded as 445.
  • The solution works for my iPad mini, but quite sure that in general re-configuring Qnap NAS can solve the problem of remote client (e.g. iPad) access to Qnap with port 445 being blocked by most (if not all) ISPs.