Wifi on Acer Notebook


How to enable built-in wifi in Acer Aspire 3623WXMi?


  1. add package ath driver v.0.5 for Solaris 10
  2. download wificonfig binary to /usr/bin
  3. create profile: wificonfig createprofile profilename essid=ssidname authmode=opensystem encryption=wep wepkey1=wepkey
  4. procedure:
    1. ifconfig rtls0 down
    2. ifconfig ath0 plumb
    3. wificonfig -i ath0 connect profilename
    4. ifconfig ath0 dhcp


  • down the wired LAN interface (in this case rtls0) before bringing up wireless
  • add authmode option in creating profile explicitly
  • run: ifconfig ath0 plumb before running wificonfig command otherwise system will probably hang!