NFS Problem

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Whenever NFS mount problem, check at client side:
$showmount -e serverhost

If output error occur as:

mount clntudp_create: RPC: Program not registered

then it’s a server side issue.

Ensure the following is included in file: /etc/hosts.allow

e.g. portmap:

then restart nfsd by:

$service nfs restart

In case, error message:
mount: RPC: Remote system error – No route to host

then run at server side:
rpcinfo -p

immediately after
service nfs restart

to check all the relevent ports to be open for firewall enabled environment at server side.


since RPC has problem to fix ports to be open for portmap, ports listed from “rpcinfo -p” MAY be changed after each start up of nfs service.
useful info to be found at Linux NFS-HOWTO