OpenSUSE Boot Up Issue


OpenSUSE suddenly could not boot to GUI mode, but being kicked out to recovery mode with the CLI mode with the warning of something like no space to write on device, and the hard disk activity light was unexpectedly always on.


  • At the recovery mode, login as root and delete some snapshots.
  • Execute “snapper ls” to get the snapshot numbers
  • Execute “snapper delete [start number] – [end number]”
  • Reboot


  1. This issue probably occurs only on linux system with btrfs partition in which snapshots are automatically generated. Thus, it should be paid extra care to decide whether to use traditional ext3 or ext4 instead of the default partition option: btrfs suggested by OpenSUSE during installation.
  2. When typing “df -h”, the storage usage seems to be normal. No storage or any partition full could be noticed.
  3. When hard disk activity light always on, it seems that something related to hardware is wrong but actually it doesn’t.
  4. My partition config. fully agreed OpenSUSE suggestion that btrfs for / directory and xfs for /home directory. Yesterday, due to some video files transfer from desktop PC to iPhone using FTP, I setup FTP server on desktop using proftpd, the default directory on server side is /srv/ftp. Probably the new video files are so large that btrfs generated large snapshots under / directory.


  • OpenSUSE 13.2
  • KDE4 1.0