Drupal Again Dynamic Background Module Error


While uploading image to Dynamic Background Module, an error message like Failed to upload, one with that name exists. (not remember the exact wording.)


1) Go to [sitename]/admin/config/user-interface/backgrounds/settings

2) Change “number of images” value to “0”. Yes, it’s “0”! and press “Save Configuration” button. Interesting that you can pass through the configuration with such magic number, right?

3) Clean up all image files related to this module in

  • sites/default/files
  • sites/default/files/styles/thumbnail/public

Please be careful that there may be some other image files associated with some other stuff, do not remove all files in the above folders.

4)  Go back to step 1) and change back a +ve integer to “number of images” in step 2)

I think uninstall and re-install the Module once, the result would be similar but it is relatively easier to just tweak one config. parameter.


  • Drupal 7.17
  • Dynamic Background Module 7.x.1.10
  • Chrome/iOS6.0.1


Don’t use ANY iOS device to upload image to Dynamic Background Module of Drupal site.

Probably when uploading the images from iPad mini, the browser could not feed the appropriate file name of the image and Drupal just generate a simple (but troublesome) file name as image.jpg. Then there will be duplicate file name as I think there’s a bug in Drupal where no appropriate distinct file name is generated when the 2nd image was being uploaded.