bt client for OpenSuse

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Standard bt client for OpenSuse KDE desktop manager is ktorrent which has a good integration with KDE desktop of OpenSuse, e.g. a nice pretty icon appeared in the panel of the desktop. But the most annoying thing happens whenever there is a new torrent added, the whole desktop freezes for while around 10 min., then everything comes back to normal.


Use Transmission bt client to replace ktorrent.


  • OpenSuse KDE
  • ktorrent   4.3.1
  • Transmission     2.75


Tried some other bt clients including qbittorrent 3.0.7. Though it’s stable, the speed (around 50-80kb/s) is extremely slow compared with that of transimission (over 2Mb/s). I have opened related ports for qbittorrent checked that the download status icon was green but still nothing excited on the download speed.

Though Transmission is simple, it’s download speed is stunning and also in general stable.