Drupal Sub Theme Issues


After creating and using a subtheme of Drupal
  1. Blank Screen of Death after creating a subtheme of Drupal
  2. Superfish Dropdown menu didn’t work


  1. ensure the function names “[base_theme]_preprocess_html(&$vars)” is renamed to “[sub_theme]_preprocess_html(&$vars)” and to other similar functions in file template.php.
  2. check and ensure “main menu” is display disabled by unchecking the “Main Menu” in theme setting after choosing the sub theme.


  1. Check php error in web server logs.

After total blank screen, nothing can be proceed. The following steps can bring back to base theme environment:

  • delete directory of sub theme
  • rename base theme directory to sub theme directory.
  1. Even though it was unchecked when configuring Superfish the first time before using subtheme, don’t know why this attribute cannot be passed to the subtheme like all other theme settings.