Migration Xen to VMware to VirtualBox for Linux


Xen migrates to VMware Player for the following reasons:

  1. its guests are with less interactive control than other virtualization like VMware or Virtualbox, e.g. mouse control, full screen auto-resize, etc. such that it’s difficult to have a near-to-physical Windows client experience.
  2. require modification of host OS kernel, implying difficulty in upgrading host OS version.
  3. para-virtualized machine is claimed to be faster than fully virtualized machine, but difficult to experience or quantify the difference.


install and use qemu.

  • upgrade Xen guest from paravirtualized machine to fully virtualized machine by create new vm as fully virtualized machine
  • mount paravirtualized disk image
  • mount  and connect guest OS CD
  • guest OS upgrade
  • convert Xen guest raw file .img to VMware format, vmdk by applying qemu-img convert <xen virtual disk file> -O vmdk <vmware virtual disk file>
  • install VMware Player


  • Xen’s VM directory is on /var/lib/xen/images and to be started only by root, but VMware’s on /home/larry/vmware to be started by user, thus mind the permission setting of both the folders and file itself;
  • set Network Adapter to “bridged” and choose “replicate physical network connection state” so as to get an IP similar to physical machine’s IP distributed by physical router
  • vmware tools have to be installed initially
  • nfs config. file maybe changed during upgrade of guest OS, for config. of nfs v4 on CentOS, consult

Reasons to VirtualBox:

don’t know why VMware ‘vmmon’ module always lost whenever reboot host OS. the only solution i know is to uninstall VMware, then re-install again in order to get back the ‘vmmon’.


VMware is good for MS Windows Host OS, but weak in Linux Host. in contrary, VirtualBox is better for Linux Host at least it has a Command Line Interface: VBoxManage. Without it, how can i manage the VM remotely?