Do More. Safe More. Linux on Desktop

When getting more software and less unstable, no virus vulnerability, what should i expect more?
It is my 1st linux implementation on my desktop. before this try, i have got abundent experience in installing and managing linux on notebook computers and servers. previously with Fedora 2 distribution on Sony VAIO PCG-C1, VAIO PCG-SR33, with CentOS on Dell PowerEdge SC1425, now it’s the 1st time extensively use Gnome on Fedora Core 4 on my desktop.

The most critical milestone achieved for using the main desktop as linux workstation is on printer sharing as other notebook at home needs printing service round-the-clock.

2nd, as i have implemented a WYSIWYG text editing contribution (similar to a plugin) on my oscommerce implementation, i need Internet Explorer to use this feature. Firefox or other browser skipped this feature. The solution is to run wine on the workstation to provide a MS Windows environment so as to install IE6.
More than expectation is that i can even do Palm sync. through WiFi.

Linux workstation is more stable, virus free, and offer more manageable resources (like CPU, memory). What do i expect more?

Ah yes, the MonsterTV box, there’s only Windows driver, linux driver only available on Japanese site, i really don’t know how to get it.

The primary goal of using Linux workstation instead of Windows XP is that when my Linux server going stable now, i seldom need to use Linux commands, features to operate it. sometimes little management on Webmin. Thus, it’s time i need to get more hands-on with a real Linux system. Future goal of course is to sell notebook computers or whatever intelligent devices with Linux inside on my online store.

What triggered me to install FC4 seriously was my previous installation of Suse professional 9.2 on my desktop co-located on my desktop, but it’s only beauty with K-desktop, but online support is questionableable. however, the desktop feature of Suse has already impressed me, so last Thur. i guessed that it’s a good idea to seriously think of FC4 on which i’m more confident.