Palm TX finally can sync with Linux!


Without sync. ability on my linux desktop (Sony VAIO LX2) i need to sync. it with a notebook which is not belong to me though i can sometimes use it.


  1. Use jpilot and set File -> Preferences -> Settings -> serial port: net:any OR
  2. run:

jpilot-sync -l >& net:any &

to hotsync w/o starting jpilot gui.


  1. click Sync on jpilot before pressing sync on Palm
  2. don’t use Gnome-pilot (gpilotd), it doesn’t work friendly with FC4. (should better ensure no gpilotd process is running)
  3. (2006.4.11) after upgrade fc4 to fc5, can’t netsync (even using source code to compile again. also source code install can’t display chinese??? don’t know why. even installed xorg-X11-….) until open firewall for the palm. just add rule to accept all for the IP address of Palm.


  • hardware: Sony VAIO LX2, Palm TX
  • network: Level One WBR 3405TX
  • OS: FC4, PalmOS 5; (2006.4.11) kernel:2.6.16-1.2080_FC5
  • Applications: jpilot


Interestingly, i could not successfully use USB to sync. with either jpilot and gnome-pilot.