phpBB2 php5: Admin Left Frame Blank!


After migrating phpBB from CentOS server to FC5 server. phpBB forum was started up fine to user level, but when clicked “go to Administration Panel”, left frame appeared blank!


  • open admin/admin_faq.php
  • find all functions: function get_*
  • rename them as faq_get_* in both function calls and execution lines


  • According to jrg3 suggested in phpBB Community on Aug 03, 2005, php5 did not like the overloading of the function names.
  • When exporting old mysql database, and importing to new database, it’d easily suspect about the collation issue, but it’s nothing about this blank frame issue. Also, it’s nothing help to modify config file php.ini.
  • This issue is tough as searching on google with keywords: phpBB, php5, admin panel blank, etc… failed to get any hint until searching with keywords: phpbb admin left frame problem.


Migrate from:

  • CentOS-3.5 x86_64
  • Apache-1.3.33
  • MySQL-3.23.58
  • php-4.3.10
  • phpBB 2.0.20

Migrate to:

  • Fedora Core 5
  • Apache-2.2.2
  • MySQL-5.0.22
  • php-5.1.4
  • phpBB 2.0.20


Whether it’s phpBB faq_admin mod fault or php5 fault, God know! however, it’s quite disappointed that there’s neither error message nor notice generated by php log even though using debug level reporting set in php.ini.