Operating Systems

OSX 10.9 Upgrade Issue

Issue: Get error message: "This copy of the Install OS X Mavericks application can't be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading." Then it could not…

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Bootable USB with UNetbootin

Issue: Worked with UNetbootin to make bootable USB to install new OS or rescue OS several times happily, but didn't work anymore for OpenSuse. UNetbootin silently could not successfully Extracting…

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unable to set superblock flags

Issue: System hang, then reboot but unable to boot up! system suggested "e2fsck". after fixing/ cleaning some files, "unable to set superblock flags" on /user/local Solution: execute: e2fsck -b 32768…

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Solaris boot issue

Issue: sometimes boot process hang in the middle due to previous power down or system hang. Solution: Boot under "Solaris failsafe" run: fsck /dev/rdsk/c0d0s0 reboot to normal multi-user mode

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yum quited unexpectedly

Issue: Run: Yum install postgreSQL for SQL-Ledger, but appear: unable to find pid then the shell running yum as root quited unexpectedly Solution: Run: rpm --rebuilddb; yum clean all Tricks:…

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Using Scanner

Issue: install application for scanning images in Linux Solution: install sane-backends, xsane, Tricks: also install xsane-gimp if having xsane as a plugin of gimp (instead of ln -s /usr/bin/xsane ~/.gimp*/plug-ins…

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Print Problem Firefox

Issue: Can't print using firefox while no such problem appear in other applications like Openoffice, etc. Solution: Modify print command in firefox to "lpr -P [printer_name]" where [printer_name] is the…

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