Mount NTFS


Use Windows NTFS file systems in Linux. It can be access by linux as Read Only volume.


  1. Install ntfs driver. either from webmin by choosing: System -> Disk and Network File Systems, or get RPM.
  2. Before mounting, it must be known what is/are the devices recognised by linux, say /dev/sda1, /dev/sdb, etc.
  3. info. can be gathered by Gnome Desktop -> Applications -> System Tools -> Hardware Brower.
  4. Use Webmin to mount is fine only in a clean environment, i.e. no busy directory, umount volume issue, etc.
  5. Most efficient way is to edit: /etc/fstab to include the volume to be mounted, then

to mount all volumes stated in /etc/fstab by:

mount -a


  1. even root can’t chown to ntfs. better to assign user during mount. should be specified in /etc/fstab
  2. try to umount if anything mounted to inappropriate directory
  3. can’t only use FAT32 as Windows XP can’t partition FAT32 volume over 32GB!
  4. turn around is to partition disk by Window98 or WinME 1st, but also have to think of 4GB file size limit in FAT32.