CentOS VM Client Can’t Boot Up


VirtualBox client CentOS can't boot up with error message:

  1. [FAILED] Failed to start Virtual Machine and Container Registration Service.
  2. [FAILED] Failed to start Login Service.


Disable SELINUX config with the following steps during boot up sequence:

  1. During Grub boot up stage, press 'e' to edit grub sequence;
  2. Add systemd.unit=rescue.target to the end of line with linux16 and boot with rescue mode;
  3. Press ctrl+x to continue boot sequence


  • CentOS 7 3.10
  • VirtualBox 6.0.10


  • The cause of this boot up issue was difficult to found and the original setting of SELINUX was 'permissive' not 'enabled'. However, this issue may also be owing to bugs in VirtualBox 6.
  • During boot up process, by default the boot up is quiet, i.e. no system message will be displayed, only the boot up progress bar is seen. However, pressing Esc key will let you see the detail boot up messages.

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