ABC’s of Life

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A: Alert when Comfortable;

B: Believe Yourself;

C: Communicate w/ Yourself;

D: Direction >> Speed;

E: Execute what U Believe;

F: Focus on the Big;

G: Grab every Opportunity;

H: Hope for the Best;

I: Identify every Problem;

J: Judge Right Direction;

K: Kindle Great Ideas;

L: Learn from Failure;

M: Memorize every Achievement;

N: Neglect every fear;

O: Originate Solution;

P: Prepare for Success;

Q: Quest for the Truth;

R: Replicate every Success;

S: Stop Negative Thinking;

T: Take the Upper Hand;

U: Unify all Resources;

V: Verify every Theory;

W: Win every Smart Friend;

X: X’mas for Jesus not for Santa Claus;

Y: Youth is valuable asset;

Z: “Zeal’s never-dying fire” — Keble