WordPress FAQs Plugin missing Categories


The built-in Faq feature of the WordPress theme Shopifiq cannot perform multilingual provided by qTranlate plugin. No issue for the questions, but the language contents mixed together for the answers. I guess it is due to the inability to add html control to the answers, i.e. omitting the directive <!–:en–><!–:–> suggested by qtranslate. Thus, there is a need to find a substitute FAQ plugin. After searching for lots of related plugins, Q and A Focus Plus FAQ meets all my requirement including multingual compatibility with qtranslate and providing grouping related questions.


After installing the Q and A Focus Plus FAQ plugin in WordPress, most features are fine without any problem, but the Category widget was missing in the Edit / Add new FAQ page. At the same time, the Category Edit page could not be called by the FAQs menu.


  1. Actually below is only a workaround, not a solution
  2. Activate other theme that does not has a built-in FAQ feature with Category attribute
  3. Click FAQs -> FAQs Categories to edit or add Category for Q and A Focus Plus FAQ
  4. Activate back the theme back


  • WordPress:    3.7.1
  • qTranslate:      2.5.38
  • Shopifiq theme:
  • Q and A Focus Plus FAQ:


  • Cannot find any clue on web as it may be rare that a WordPress theme having built-in FAQ feature.
  • Other FAQ plugins having Category attribute do not having (probably) such taxonomy conflict with Shopifiq theme.