The Salesman has gone

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It’s a day to be remembered. The salesman of the supplier has left the company according to another sales person. I has not been informed of any progress of the demo units through email for a week then i called back and knew this news.

This unexpected event only let me learn to contact more frequently with the supplier but it will not let me down on my belief to establish the world’s most successful online store. Actually, i shouldn’t be passive on the follow up. This is my mistake. Perhaps, i was too focus on writing the Terms and Conditions page last week. But it’s not a valid excuse. Anyway, the pages for Privacy, T&C’s are finished. I should remind myself not to too focus on only the accounting program, TurboCash though i have to spend sometime to integrate it with the portal, and i should be proficient with the software.

My strategy is to get more alternative potential supplier’s information and try to contact at least 2 more sources.