WordPress Custom CSS Disappear


It is quite terrifying if suddenly all the custom CSS disappear and you do not have a backup of the text of the custom CSS that is not just one or two lines, but it is filled with many lines.


After updating theme Accelerate to the latest version as suggested by WordPress, all the custom CSS under Appearance admin menu of the child theme was gone.


Restore to the original Virtual Machine hosting WordPress to the version just before updating the theme by Mac’s TimeMachine.


  • It is supposed that the child theme would not be altered after updating the parent theme. However, I guess (as I’m not a WP framework expertise) that WordPress 4.7 removed the custom CSS option and instead deployed “Additional CSS” option, and put it in another area in the database rather than under the configuration of the theme.
  • Before updating the theme version, there was no issue on the prior update of WordPress 4.6.1 to 4.7. But still the issue may not be caused by merely the latest theme version.
  • Though TimeMachine can restore previous backup of Virtual Machine, it is more convenient to restore the snapshot of a Virtual Machine if there is a snapshot taking just before starting the theme update. In this case, how do people expect a child theme could be altered by updating the parent theme version?


  • WordPress     4.7
  • Theme            Accelerate 1.2.9
  • Mac OS X      10.12.2