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As i wanted to know if the TV programs were recorded by the TV box correctly, i tried to mount the video directory to Linux through SMB. It should be a easy task as i used to share the video directory at PC.

But when i tried:

mount -t smbfs -o username=larry,password= //VAIO-LX2/TV_Current /home/larry/ftpdir/video/

it returned an error message:

No route from host… SMB connection failed.

1st, i suspected that the directory name TV_Current is incorrect, but i could not confirm.

Finally, after searching on the web, i tried:

smbclient -L

smbclient -L

i surprisingly found out that the server searched for an INCORRECT private IP for //VAIO-LX2, ile.

it should be instead of the returned IP from ‘mount’. As the return result from smbclient _L correctly listed the shared pt. of VAIO-LX2, i was sure TV_Current was correct and the IP address should be

But why //VAIO-LX2 returned an incorrect IP???