Wi-Fi Sync on iOS devices

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How to sync iPhone with iTunes but NOT charging the iPhone battery at the same time? It’s a good question from a good friend yesterday.

The pt. is that most people know that overcharging is toxic to battery life and performance. But few people know that since iOS6, apple gadgets can sync with iTunes through WiFi!


1)   upgrade your device to iOS6 if not using latest model. Upgrade iTunes to the latest ver.
2)   while connecting to iTunes with USB cable, click the device in the iTunes screen, then choose “Summary” at the top, drag the screen to the bottom, check “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi” under the block “Options”
3)   Don’t unplug the cable at the moment! Complete the sync, then unplug the USB cable. Done!
It’s tricky that you may not see the block “Options” until you drag to the bottom. WiFi sync is available for both iTunes in Mac and Windows. You can now sync the device without using USB cable, but make sure the iTunes is running while clicking the “Sync Now” button on iOS device under Settings->General->iTunes Wi-Fi Sync.
If you see the iOS device in iTunes screen, you can also kick-off the sync by clicking “Sync” at bottom right corner of iTunes after clicking the appropriate iOS device button on the left column of iTunes.
In case nothing happen for the first time of WiFi Sync, reboot the iOS device, and click the “Sync Now” button on the device.
i wrote the above as this question drew my attention to my legacy lovely Palm Tungsten with WiFi sync feature 6 yrs. ago! unbelievable that Apple didn’t launch this feature until late this yr.!