Bluetooth Receiver Connectivity & Sound Quality Issues

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  1. No sound to earphone connected to Bluetooth receiver which is successfully paired and connected to OpenSuse.
  2. After successfully played the sound to Bluetooth receiver with earphone, the sound quality is urgly poor, no high, no bass.


  1. Installed pavucontrol and select the Bluetooth device as output instead of the built-in analogue sound card.
  2. Using earphone amplifier connected between the Bluetooth receiver and the earphone, High and bass together with the details come back. Quite Hi-Fi actually.


  • OpenSuse 12.3 x86_64
  • USB Bluetooth 3.0
  • Bluetooth receiver with 3.5mm audio output
  • Fiio E6 Amplifier (free bundle with Westone earphone)
  • Westone 2 earphone


  1. Without installing software pavucontrol, the Bluetooth receiver/ device can never be selected as audio output channel even configuring with Yast.
  2. After solving issue 2 above, the sound quality is excellent! Perhaps the E6 amplifier can do the trick to regulate the impedence of the Bluetooth receiver. Normally, earphone is not equipped with volume control, not sure if issue 2 above still exists in the case that the Bluetooth receiver was connected directly to active speakers or earphones with built-in volume control.