Mailbox Migration using Thunderbird


Mail user, actually my wife sending out emails through my zPanel hosting platform confuses recipients with the old domain name as a year ago, the quick and dirty way to get emails to the new domain name, was to configure an alias to forward all emails from old domain, to the new one dedicated to my wife’s business. But she now wants all recipients notice that her emails are sending out from


After thinking for a while and search for a technical way to migrate the old mailboxes to the new one, I found there is no easy way offered by zPanel to accomplish such task, thus by adding a new mailbox in zPanel, I use a simple but reliable way to accomplish it through Thunderbird.

Adding 2 accounts in Thunderbird, one according to the new mailbox, and one according to the old one, then just copy the mailboxes from the old one to the new by drag-and-drop of the folders and Thunderbird can handle all the copy and paste tasks in few minutes without pain.

The beauty of this method is a simple way by just an email client on any platform and configuration of zPanel through a browser. No need to actually touch the mail directories in the server.


  • zPanel    10.1.1
  • ThunderBird 31.2.0
  • CentOS   6.7