Convert MS OneNote Content to Word Format


Convert Microsoft OneNote content to MS Word file is not an easy task in Mac as there is no export feature of any OneNote content, be it a page, section or the whole notebook in both Mac app or web-based environment.


  1. In Mac app OneNote, go to: FILE -> Save as PDF
  2. Go to Nitro Software‘s website, and upload the pdf file, a .docx Word file will be sent to your email box in minutes.
  3. It is amazing that all fonts including Chinese in OneNote are preserved after conversion to final Word format.


  • As a Mac user, it is tempted to search for an alternative to MS OneNote on Mac, but most of the popular ones are not free, and some of them cannot use free hand writing, i.e. the DRAW feature of OneNote.
  • Besides free of charge, OneNote’s beauty is that it is a cross-platform Cloud-based app supporting Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and browsers.
  • Most suggestion on the web suggested to click FILE-> Export to choose export file format including MS Word, however, these information are referring to Windows based OneNote app, not the one in Mac.
  • Don’t worry about buying Nitro software although it is faster to convert the pdf files by acquiring the app, however if there is not too many files to convert, it is free to use Nitro’s cloud-based PDF to Word solution.
  • The conversion of the content to PDF format is limited to page by page, and not a multipage feature as of today.


  • OS X        10.12.1
  • OneNote  15.28