Piwigo Fotorama Conflict w/ Embedded Video


After installing Fotorama plugin in Piwigo provided that there is Embedded Video installed, the following error message will be shown while clicking the slideshow button on top of the video pages: Notice: Undefined index: selected_derivative in /…/plugins/Fotorama/main.inc.php on line 54 Fatal error: Call to a member function get_type() on a non-object in /…/plugins/Fotorama/main.inc.php on line 54


Maybe it is just a workaround for the issue. However, it works so far. Comment out the statements causing the error in main.inc.php of Fotorama plugin as below:

$type = $current[‘selected_derivative’]->get_type();
    $defined = ImageStdParams::get_defined_type_map();
    if (!isset($defined[$type]))
      $type = pwg_get_session_var(‘picture_deriv’, $conf[‘derivative_default_size’]);
and rewrite the following line:
$type = pwg_get_session_var(‘picture_deriv’, $conf[‘derivative_default_size’]);


  • Piwigo          2.6.2
  • Embedded plugin: 2.6.2
  • Fotorama plugin:   2.6.h