Samba Client Problem related NEITHER to server NOR client

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Cannot access Windows share from linux acting as samba client.
Linux as Samba server succeed, but cannot browse the windows share of a WindowsXP PC by nautilus.


Use LAN IP to connect rather than using hostname. OR
Open ports 139, 445 from the LAN hub to destination IP of WindowsXP (but risky, exposure to internet??)


Use the following to ensure WindowsXP share has been set up properly ready for linux as samba client:

smbclient -L [WinXP hostname]

error messages:

timeout connecting to [WAN IP]:445
timeout connecting to [WAN IP]:139

then use the following to by pass the LAN hub:

smbclient -L [WindIP LAN IP]
got proper response and show correct shares from WinXP

interesting pt. is that i don’t need to go WAN from another Windows PC to access that Windows XP.

Don’t forget to add a line to /etc/hosts:

    [LAN IP] [Windows server hostname]