Solution of Printing on iOS devices without AirPrint

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Normal printers connected to Apple OS X system cannot be detected by iOS devices as AirPrint device, not even Safari on iPad.


Install a free app on Apple store – Printer Pro for iPhone


  • Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 203A Printer connected to QNAP TS210 Turbo nas (firmware 3.7.3)
  • Mac Mini (OS X 10.8.2)
  • iOS 6.0.1


  1. there are many apps that claimed to be capable of handling certain kinds of printers using various protocols, but most of them are paid apps.
  2. Printer pro for iphone actually can be used in ipad! another similar app – Printer pro Lite has limitattions and software developer push users to use Printer Pro chargeable app!