Print Queue Problem at NLT

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This afternoon, someone asked me if there was any method to delete a pending print job in the print queue at NLT. After many actions had been taken, including deletion of the printer, the pending print job was still there resulted in that no new print job could be submitted.

Finally, it’s found out that the printer was attached not directly to the Windows XP client, instead it’s connected to a server PC surprisingly running Windows 98 (i just saw a Windows 98 license tag attached at the side cover of the PC). However, the server had not yet hanged, there was still response from the server and it was available through searching the Network Place from the Win client.

The problem was then solved by reboot the Win server. It should be reminded that Windows server especially running Win 98 is not reliable. it should not be supposed to be available all time as either a print server or file server. Uncountable users out there experienced reboot requirement to bring back proper operation.

Actually it is necessary to share printer within the LAN, a small print server box can be a good cost effective solution instead of using a non-reliable Windows server.