Panasonic EX750 Setup

Panasonic TV is great in terms of price-performance. To release the full potential, it is probably required to adjust some default settings to fit one’s own taste and environment.


Got a Panasonic TV 50EX750h for a week. (h is referring to HK models). The colour is brilliant, but the default setting of picture is not good enough at least on displaying red colour.
Need to first turn off the Colour Remaster from Picture setting,

  1. go to Picture -> Advanced setting
  2. Change Colour Gamut so as to make the red colour more comfortable
  3. The default is Rec. 709, but my preference is SMPTE


Choose the picture setting to Custom before going to Advanced setting.
Changing the Colour Gamut I think is easier than tuning Colour Management or White Balance.

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