Google Maps API Key


WordPress plugin – Google Maps Widget cannot display google maps after plugin update. The alert in WordPress site administration page is:  “New Google Maps usage policy dictates that everyone using the maps should register for a free API key. Please create a key for “Google Static Maps API” and “Google Maps Embed API” using the Google Developers Console.” However, after getting API key and installed in that plugin setting, the map still could not be shown properly as before.


Enable both New Google Static Maps API and Google Maps Embed API

Install the browser API key instead of the server API key though it is not stated clearly in the plugin

Domain setting is [*] instead of the suggested [**]


Click Help button in Google Developers Console and fill in Static Maps API and other relevant parameters did save a lot of time to find where these settings are located in the console.


WordPress  4.3.3

Google Maps Widget plugin 3.04