Drupal Dynamic Background Module Configuration


After unsuccessful uploading of images through Dynamic Background Module, there was error message stating that there is image with the name exists and could not proceed further probably due to previous unsuccessful upload of the same image. Then uninstall and re-install the module. After configuration there was no user-interface to select the uploaded images.


After configuring the Dynamic Background Module, still need to go to:


and check the content types of the node to using Background Module, otherwise no background image can be chosen on the content add/edit screen.


  • Drupal 7.17
  • Dynamic Background Module 7.x-1.10
  • Dynamic Background node submodule 7.x-1.10


  1. For this case, you may not be able to find a configuration link from the Configuration panel of Dynamic Background, you have to TYPE the configuration link of Dynamic background node submodule.
  2. If I had remembered the image files were located in folder: sites/default/files, I should have cleaned up the image files without the need to re-install the module. By the way, it is worth to mark down the location of image files. Actually the folder to hold the images is configurable during the setup of the module.