Aztech Homeplug Mixed Models

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One unit of the Homeplug pair from Aztech broke suddenly, no led, no response even pressing reset button. Buy a new one is the only option. But buying just one unit or a new pair of homeplug? One of the homeplug seems to be still working, at least the power led is still on. However, the Aztech model 110E is obsolete.


  • Buy a similar model from Aztech and try if the mixed models pair, i.e. 110E and 113E can be pair-up. First try failed, only power led of the pair are on, the homeplug led in the middle were both off even pressing the connect button for over 10 sec.
  • Try again by putting both units on the same power extension bar. Press the reset/connect button of the new unit, 113E for over 10 seconds. Wait for several seconds, then press the connect button of the old model, 110E for 2 seconds. the middle led of both units turned green, i.e. connection setup succeeded. the last led is on only when it is connected with ethernet cable.
  • Unplug one of the unit and place it remotely to another power extension bar, and connect ethernet cable for both unit. Then every thing is fine. Now TV can now be working properly using homeplug network connect again.


Theoretically, the 2 units can be placed in remote power outlet or remote power extension bars during connection setup process, but it is not easy when the 2 power bars are far away and trouble shooting is not easy in such situation. Placing both units on the same power extension bar is good practice, I think.