Aegisub Audio Issue


Last time trying to use Aegisub was just a simple task to shift the subtitle timing for several sec. for the whole subtitle syncronization with the video clip. This time just I want to do a pilot project to publishing Chinese subtitle for a video clip from public domain.


A video subtitle editor – Aegisub always shows error message below when selecting

Audio -> Open Audio from Video

Error loading file:
RIFF PCM WAV audio provider: File is not a RIFF file
Wave64 audio provider: File is not a Wave64 RIFF file
FFmpegSource: unknown or unsupported sample format


Use HandBrake to convert the input video to the following output file:
Video format: MKV, MPEG-4(FFmpeg)
Audio format: FLAC (ffmpeg)
  • Aegisub          3.0.4
  • HandBrake     0.9.9
  • OpenSuse       12.3


  1. If MP4 is chosen instead of MKV, the FLAC (ffmpeg) cannot be selected in HandBrake
  2. Many other Subtitle Editors for Linux are not comprehensive enough to do an easy job for making subtitles, e.g. most of them cannot display the wave form of the audio that can be used to estimate the voice timing
  3. In case the Audio cannot be open from Video, Aegisub cannot even play the sound track