Deployment of WordPress Shopp


Need to apply tiered pricing schedule for the service, however, WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Extension is unreasonably high at US$129 for single-site license.


There are some ecommerce plugins in WordPress, but like WP-ecommerce, the pricing discount setting is too complicated, and I wonder if it works for my pricing schedule.


Shopp plugin comes with clean and logical admin interface.


  • WordPress: 3.7.1
  • Shopp:        1.3.1


Most of the WordPress ecommerce plugins claimed them as free, but some require upgrade to chargeable pro version even for very basic function, few free plugins are offering comprehensive features. Shopp is definitely offering quite comprehensive features. WooCommerce is good but not as a free plugin. There is no pro version for WooCommerce as they want to charge every bit of feature as chargeable extension at unreasonably high price.