WiFi Transfer Large File to iPad without iTunes

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Some HD files are usually bigger than 2GB, and it is a limit to most of the FTP or other file transferring utilties including Qnap’s app – QFile. Though it’s possible to transfer large file through iTunes to iPad, it is not a good idea if you are just running Linux or you don’t want a USB cable connecting the device (iPhone or iPad) to the iTunes server, be it Mac or Windows.


Using AVPlayerHD running on your iPad, you can set the iPad as a FTP server (not client), then open any FTP client in your computer as host to transfer any large file or evening the whole directory to your iPad through Wifi.


AVPlayerHD   2.21

iPad       iOS 7.0.2

FTP client:  FileZilla 3.7


The app is a paid app at HK$23, but it is worth to pay for this player as there are some other good features available including streaming HD video files from FTP host easily. Hardware Decoding also makes playing the video smoothly even though I stream the video from FTP host which is a Qnap TS210 to my Apple TV. You can guess how great the experience is when watching the HD video on a HDTV.