Wacom Pen Control


As my iPad Mini (gen 1) cannot sense touch pressure, it is difficult to write (actually draw) some Math symbols. After purchasing a Wacom Intuos Draw Medium which is a popular choice, I found the 2 buttons in the drawing pen not sensitive. That is, it does not work stably.


When using the 2 buttons built-in the drawing pen bundled with the Wacom, make sure the tip of the pen is close enough to the tablet. Otherwise the pen is not active.


  • The little LED in the top middle of the tablet will light up lightly when connected to USB port. And when the pen is active, i.e. close enough to the tablet. Then the LED will grow brighter to indicate that the drawing pen is now in active state.
  • One more information on Intuos is how you choose the right model. First, size is important, medium size fits most users. The small one may make the drawing or hand writing become too large compared to a relatively large screen. Unless you are seriously concerned the budget, do not get the small form-factor. If you are not a serious artist in drawing, do not consider the large form-factor, it will probably not fit the size of most desks.
  • Besides size, the touch feature is also important factor of choice. In my case, the touch model, i.e. Intuos Art is around 40% more expensive than the non-touch model, i.e. Intuos Draw. Also, I already have an Apple Magic TouchPad, the touch feature in Intuos is more or less duplicated with the TouchPad.
  • Finally, either Blue or White is a personal preference, nothing related to feature or budget.


  • Wacom Intuos Draw Medium
  • iMac 21.5-inch late 2013 i5 2.7GHz model