The Tennis Court

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It’s the 2nd day of the trip we had tennis game at Parc Oasis with Patrick and Sindy in the afternoon. There was little rain but stoped raining at around 4pm.

Before the tennis game, we went to China Town for shopping souvineors. I bought a bottle of oil for mon. in law. 1 package (10 packs) of Hu Zhen Long Teh Tarikk, 1 package of instant coffee. 1 bottle of sesame oil.

In the evening, there were crabs, prons at No Signboard Restaurant located at the waterfront opposite to the Lion Statue. After we left i knew why this restaurant was so called. There was no sign to the lavatory. Waiters’ answer for such arrangement was they expected customers coming for the 2nd time onwards would know the way even without the sign.

Last i wrote to Angelina through MSN Messenger 7. i could see her, but she could not see me since there is no spare USB port for the webcam, and i could not find a mic here.

A bad news is that Edo could not be recorded. However, the PC was reboot, and it’s supposed the TV box is now up and running.