Strange Arrangement from HKBN Residential Phone Line Install

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I’m writing this diary while i’m handling 3 technicians claimed to be from HK BroadBand for the installation of residential phone line followed by a failure installation last Friday. The interesting arrangement is that they actually came from 2 parties. One from a contractor of HKBN, 2 from HKBN staff. i don’t know how to reject who to start the installation. The one from the contractor was the same one came last time who failed the installation, but this time he came to my door just 1 min. before the other 2, so i’ve given him another chance as he was confident that this time it will be successful, and i felt his attitude was sincere. Let this young guy have another chance.

i didn’t rejected the other 2. They were seeing and waiting for the successful cabling, though not yet completed they asked me to sign back to free them.