ProFTP problem with FileZilla client


After updating Filezilla client, uploading files and folders to ProFTP server will stop after a while, say after 100MB uploaded but still there are over GB files on the queue. Restarting connection to ftp server does not work.


After checking the TLS log file of the ftp server, following repeated error is found:

client did not reuse SSL session, rejecting data connection (see TLSOption NoSessionReuseRequired)

Add the following to the proftpd config file can solve the problem:

TLSRenegotiate none
TLSOptions NoSessionReuseRequired


Adjusting settings on ftp client, FileZilla seems to be better but actually does not help, say reducing maximum simultaneous transfers or Enable speed limits

Probably it is the limitation of latest version of FileZilla, but practically it is the ftp server configuration that can be changed instead of the client side.

In my case, ProFTPd is bundled with zPanel, and the actual config file is proftpd-mysql.conf instead of proftpd.conf located in /etc/proftpd and /etc/zpanel/configs/proftpd


ProFTP 1.3.3g-4

FileZilla 3.7.3