NFSv4 started but not v3!

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can’t mount nfs file in version 3. the Picazzo DMB-T set-top box network files system for recording only entertain NFS instead of Windows CIFS, but the worst is that only support old version 3 of nfs.


  • in server size, type

rpcinfo -p

  • to see if nfs is there AND note if the version stated is “4” or “3 and 4”, if v3 is not enabled, try to edit on server side:


  • comment out the line:


because this line states that v2 and v3 args will be filtered to start nfs service.

  • then restart nfs:

service nfs restart


it’s easy to overlook the ver. of nfs started from “rpcinfo -p” fooling yourself that nfs started healthy. but when u mount the nfs from client, an error appear:

mount.nfs: mount to NFS server ‘:/nfs_share’ failed: RPC Error: Program not registered


NFS Server:   CentOS 5.4