iMac View Camera Capability


While conducting Online Live Class using Join.Me, and I need to select real-time video as profile. However, it seems that the built-in view camera in iMac cannot make any adjustment. So how can I make my profile more professional without adding an external camera?


By using an application – iGlasses, it is easy to make adjustments to the setting of the built-in view camera


  • iGlasses is compatible and integrating into all applications for the iMac is not a problem. It is as easy as selecting another view camera
  • There is no free alternative for iGlasses on iMac, don’t waste time to find one!
  • It is definitely worth the one-time charge. Moreover, A free trial period can give more confidence before buying it.
  • In brief, this app leverages the capabilities of the built-in camera


  • iMac          2014
  • OS X         10.12.1
  • iGlasses    v3.4.8