Geogebra on WordPress


Including Geogebra graphics to WordPress is not difficult if you export the png file and then import to WordPress page as a media file, but it is not perfect in the sense that whenever you modify a little on the original geogebra graphic, you have to export it again and the dimension of the media has to be taken care before you have a nice graphic in WordPress page usually to be happened in Math quiz, exercise, or blog.

The best way to achieve it is to get the embedded code of the original Geogebra in html iframe format. Geogebra will take care of it when you are using web-based Geogebra. And then you can change either the content of the Geogebra original and the dimension of the file, it will immediately and smoothly be reflected at your WordPress page without any modification of any content of your WordPress. The interaction between the mouse with the iframe content in desktop browser will not create big trouble, but when user access the WordPress site using iOS device, then the iframe area could not be dragged as part of the parent page, if the iframe area is large such that it occupies the whole iOS width, then it is difficult to see the lower part of the page.


One simple solution is to add a DIV to hold the iframe and name a class of this DIV, say outer as demonstrated by this demo, then open the Editor of CSS style sheet of the active WordPress theme, add the CSS pointer-events: none to this DIV class.


WordPress   4.5.2


Whatever additional tags to be added to the iframe, it cannot solve the above problem.