Drupal Slideshow Modules – Galleria


Have been nicely using Gallery2 and Gallery3 as standalone web application for some years, I tried to integrate it with Drupal, but the result was not good including display window size, single login issue. So far there is no module in Drupal 7 to integrate Gallery3, and not likely to have it in future. I just left a link to access my Gallery3 albums and tried to find a solution for casual posting of photos. As there is no core module in Drupal to perform slideshow, appropriate slideshow modules have to be installed and enabled. I have tried some but most of them failed, including Field Slideshow, Node Gallery, Brilliant Gallery, Gallery Formatter. Actually most of the gallery modules available are for Drupal 6 only, either not available for Drupal 7 or still in alpha or beta version, or cannot work with (maybe I don’t know how) views.

Gallery Formatter is working and close to my expectation, but the carousel handle is too funny. Finally even though Galleria is still in beta, I still gave it a chance. And for the front page where resize feature is not important, and need to have no border around the slide,  Nivo Slider module is implemented.


  1. Could not see Galleria output in Views
  2. Controlling size of Galleria output window
  3. Lightbox show up with the image size same as that for Galleria but not as large as expected
  4. Multiple Galleria shown in views and included in Quicktabs in one page


  1. Configure views with Format: Slideshow; Show: Fields; Fields: Content: [images field names] with Formatter set to “image”
  2. In views, configure BOTH the “height” and “width” of Galleria in Setting of Slideshow selected in Format
  3. Check “Lightbox” in setting the Slideshow, and select a “large” image style in configuring the Field after configuring the size of it in “Configuration -> media -> Image style” which will be the pop up size of the lightbox, not necessarily be same as the size of the Galleria configured size. Galleria is so smart that no matter what size of the image field, it can place them nicely into the Galleria window.
  4. No solution at the moment, there is a brief discussion on the issue.


The selection list of Galleria “width” is deep down on the configuration panel and not close to selection of “height”. If no value is stated in “height”, there will be error, but there is a stupid default value “auto” for “width” that creates unexpected behaviour of the Galleria window.


  • Drupal core ver.: 7.21
  • Galleria module ver.: 7.x-1.0-beta3
  • Nivo Slider module ver.: 7.x-1.10

Side Issue:

There is a nice Drupal module (probably no similar module available in Gallery3) with apps in Apple Store and Google Play called PixGather that allows mobile users to upload photo to Drupal with easy configuration both in Drupal and mobile device. Just need to set 3 simple parameter once on mobile including Secret Code, Domain and Name. I can configure Drupal in advance and just once to display instantly the uploaded photos.