Brokeback Story

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L3 Spiral Process fractured. It was an injury yesterday during a soccer match among Kwai Chung NLT, Tun Mun NLT and HK NLT.

Just at around 10 min., I was chasing the ball bouncing high from the ground towards the opponent side. I was sure i could get it and either directly held it towards the goal, or at the bottom line to pass it to other forwarder towards the goal. A distant opponent jumped to me and colided head to head.

This morning after X-ray, doctor showed me the fractured bone at L3 Spiral Process. Estimated time to recover is around 4 to 6 weeks. I stayed in Baptist Hospital not because to wait for consultation for speciality of bone, but need further exam. on the organs near L3 Spiral Process to see if any of them was injured.