BJ Olympic 2008 Birthday

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yes, i was born in Aug 8.

it’s an amazing evening! our country finally hosted the Olympic Games in BeiJing. LiNing ignited the fire of the Olympic Big Torch through an innovative arrangement.

i was also delighted to got a LPCD as the gift of 2 person package tickets for Hi-end AV show in CEC Wanchai. Then, Angelina and i went to Wanchai Computer Center to shop for a PC Mon. and USB DMB-TH receiver. but no luck, then we went to ShumShuiPo, and bought a Taiwan made USB DMB-TH and a Samsung 20″ Mon. T200G.

But something not perfect was that my new HP dc7800 w/ Windows server 2008 could not run the installation of USB DMB-TH, and i forgot that my Windows XP Home left in Vincent’s home.

in the evening, we had lamb chops at home and spagetti. i tried to use g4u to clone my Windows XP to the HP as a testing to install USB DMB-TH.